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We can handle many of your exchange listings needs with our experienced team.


First off, 24-hr CG or CMC listing does not exist. CG and CMC have been trying to crack down on that. Some projects take forever to list due to either a long waitlist or due to errors on the application that causes delays. We can provide consulting on the most effective ways of filling the application so that you can get listed as quickly as possible.

If you’re looking to get your project listed on a major exchange, we have partnerships with several exchanges and counting which allows projects direct access to the listing department. Essentially we broker the meeting between you and the exchange, you’ll have the added benefit of support and consultation for your listing application and you will have a quicker turnaround time.

Once the application is approved, you will pay any listing fees directly to the exchange. The benefit of an exchange listing is marketing. Over 26% of consumers get information about cryptos from exchanges. Higher packages provides access to more marketing, airdrops, and allows more market makers which is the main way your token generates volume on an exchange. Definitely reach out to us for our partners’ listing rates.

For any exchanges that we don’t have direct partnerships with, we can still apply on your behalf as a 3rd party agent. Most delays in listings involve errors on the application, not following up in a timely fashion, mandatory vetting periods, or not having the listing fee. We have talked to many exchanges, representatives, and have spreadsheets on most exchange’s listing fees. As a 3rd party agent you can outsource the entire listing process to our company, once your listing is approved, you will pay the listing fee directly to the exchange.

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